Carlshead Farms,  Paddock House Lane,  Sicklinghall,  Wetherby.  Yorks.  LS22 4BJ              


Carlshead Farms is a 273 hectare farm in the Lower Wharfedale Valley. We run an extensive Higher Level Stewardship Scheme thanks to Natural England, with field margins, pollen and nectar areas, wild bird mixes, new ponds, sensitive management of our SINC woodlands and many school visits to explain what we do.

We produce wheat, barley, with break crops of linseed or rape. We breed top quality Alpacas and rare breed pigs.

Our grassland is mainly permanent, providing grazing for sheep and cattle, with much of it on low input fertiliser. We have species rich hay meadows and are looking to improve our sward with herbs and wildflowers.