Carlshead Farms has planted 120 acres of short rotation coppice willow partly to fuel a Heizomat biomass district heating plant, supplying green heating to offices and houses on farm, saving 60,000 litres of oil equivalent a year.

The remainder of the crop is marketed through Renewable Energy Growers Ltd to large coal fired power stations to meet their renewable obligations. We have also now added a 40KW Baxi Biomass Boiler to heat the Care Farming educational facility and a neighbouring farmhouse.

The project was financed by CO2 Sense.

Carlshead Farms,  Paddock House Lane,  Sicklinghall,  Wetherby.  Yorks.  LS22 4BJ           


Everlast Energy, suppliers and installers of Heizomat Biomass Boilers

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